Once we have properly assessed your company and your product, we develop a detailed, ground up plan that takes advantage of your company's strengths and niche within today's competitive market. This includes, but is not limited to, brand and pricing strategy, new product development, marketing, and training curriculum for staff. We are particularly focused in the area of emerging technologies, and aware of the potential difficulties in introducing such technologies into the current manufacturing context. We endeavor to devise a plan that not only involves the tenants of sound sales consulting, but also a way forward to take your product from theoretical use to practical application.

RAS Consulting believes in the formulation of a comprehensive plan that looks to all sectors of the economy. Thus our plan will examine both domestic and international markets as well covering a broad spectrum of industries both public and private.

Our personnel have particular experience in the expansion of new markets and revenue streams as a result of previous employment experiences. One such example is the Shot Placement Finder, manufactured by Raytheon/BBN Technologies. As government funding for this project became limited, a new strategy was developed to exploit the commercial sector in order to compensate for lost funding. This not only allowed for the survival of the program, but also expansion to previously untapped overseas markets.

Our Clients: