RAS considers evaluation a continuous process, moving through all phases of the consulting process from assessment, to planning, through implementation, and finally to the agreed upon end state. We combine hard business analytics with face to face interaction with employees at all levels of your organization to evaluate if the plan is working. RAS Consulting strives to remain flexible, and uses this continuous flow of information to constantly evolve our strategy to meet your company's needs. Whether it is increased sales numbers, expansion into new markets, or a more efficient relationship with your current client base, we will continue to work until the agreed upon objectives are met.

In the end, RAS Consulting views our work with you as a true partnership. What sets us apart is our concern for results and not just billable hours. Our fee is based on meeting objectives NOT on how many hours we put into your project, because in business what truly matters is the bottom line. We want you to know that you have a true ally, and that you and your company are truly not alone.

Our Clients: