RAS Consulting will be with you every step of the way as the plan moves from the drawing table to full phase implementation. We take a building block approach, spending the necessary time to evaluate each of the different phases of the new sales strategy as they are put into place. This allows for mid-course corrections as necessary, and ensures flexibility to the changing business environment. RAS Consulting will work in concert with you, moving at the proper pace that allows your company to adapt, while at the same time seize opportunities in both the international and domestic markets.

This flexibility is illustrated in experience with Mercury Systems, a manufacturer of high end communications and radar components for the US Government. As the sales and marketing strategy was put in place, it became apparent that Mercury's domain expertise in leveraging heterogeneous commercial components such as Intel and Freescale and packaging them within open architecture modules, could be utilized on variety of platforms operating in harsh environments. This realization allowed for a refinement of the sales strategy, and the opportunity exploit to new commercial sectors.

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